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40 to 60 cotton weavers are used to manufacture it. It absorbs well, provides warmth and is soft.
Especially the one with 60 cotton weavers it’s so soft and thin that its great for kids too
    Modal Quilts
    It’s made from cellulose of the beechtree, eco-friendly fiber.
    The softness at touch, elegant appearance, thin glowing surface. After washing maintains its softness.


    Anti-dust mite quilt
    When the fiber’s circumference is a 1/100 of a human hair, 0.012mm, it’s considered a microfiber.
    When a quilt is made of this fiber, the opening to each one its fibers is so small that the mites can’t enter and remain there, the same thing for other toxic elements.

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  • Dongsan Handicraft

  • Dongsan Handicraft

Artificial silk (Rayon) quilt
It’s known as the freezer fiber. It is 100 % rayon, slightly scratchy and perfect for the summer season.
It is sold separately and also in sets.
  • Seukyoung Bed linens

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Superfine, cotton fibers quilt
It retains heat well and is very soft at touch, perfect to keep you warm during the winter season.
It is so soft, that its nickname is “mink quilt”
    Wedding gift quilt
    It comes in two types, for the Ondol or floor and bed.
    The Floor or Ondol one which is the traditional one, comes with the back supporter, the main quilt, mat etc. But since customers today like more simplified items it comes in all types, to satisfy the customers needs.

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  • Fogan

  • Fogan

Nap quilt
Perfect to be used by kids for a sweet nap.
Easy to store, it is used not only at regular homes but at day care centers and even useful for camping.