Thank you for visiting Daegu Keunjanggil Bedding popular streets
  • Keunjanggil possess around 70 different stores specializing in bedding products,
    bedsheets, bedcovers, pillows, pillow covers and the similar.
    The nation’s biggest bed linen wholesale and retail sale
  • Our history goes back to thirty years ago, when wholesale and retail stores,
    specializing in bed linen, household linen stores started to open,
    and became, today’s bed linen popular streets.
  • Seumun Market was built in the mid-Joseon Era, and it is one of the nation’s top three giant markets and today, it has inherited its big name becoming the heart of Daegu Keunjanggil.
    Recently it has opened a night market offering more sightseeing and eateries.
  • Daegu’s bed linen industry Makes up for a 27% (578 factories) , and a 50 to 60% of the total bed linen products distributed nationwideincluding the OEM,moreover, it offers citizens top quality bed linens at a modest price and supplies storesall over the nation.
  • It is close to Seumun Market, Daegu Geundaehwa Guri, Dongsong-ro etc and most cultural attractions and shopping malls, offering the best entertainment and sightseeing around to visitorscoming from everywhere.